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Submitted on
January 18, 2013
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2nd place:

Dancing deer by gaalav Bandito the Raccoon by MoulinBleu :thumb340093510: Snoozing owl by s4yo The bamboo dance (Check Description for the Link!) by Evaty  

3rd place:

Ten second place winners will receive two classes through The Art Department, chosen from foundations and elective course offerings.

Twenty third place winners will receive one class through The Art Department, chosen from foundations and elective course offerings.

Click Here for Prizing Details

Discover more at #TheArtDept!

Exclusively on deviantART, The Art Department is offering a free sneak-peek inside their virtual classrooms through EXPLORE: an introduction to TAD. These recordings were created over a week-long event, where attendees sampled TAD's interactive, online approach to art education while working with esteemed faculty, industry professionals and student representatives.

EXPLORE is now available free and on-demand for members of TheArtDept! Check out over 10 hours of demos, discussions, and more with notable artists Jon-Foster, George-Pratt, and SterlingHundley, just to name a few!

New from The Art Department: A Guide to Picture Making Premium Content video series! Improve illustrative process from start to finish with help from artists SterlingHundley, garykelley, anitakunz and cfpayne. This video series is available exclusively on deviantART - join TheArtDept for first access to TAD's newest videos and Premium Content.

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Elaya-Ice Jan 25, 2013  Student General Artist
I'm glad I at least made an effort, hope I have better luck next year.
Congratulations ALL of you!!! You all deserve it! Even the people that didn't win! Good job!
wezenbeesje Jan 21, 2013  Professional General Artist
Yay I won something!
I have to figure out how to fill the form, but I hope I find it. :XD:
Yay! Second place! Do we have to use the classes immediately, or could we possibly wait until summer term?
Yay! Congratulations to all the winners! And to the first prize winner! You animation really was amazing!
Congratulations on third :) Enjoy your classes! :D
K-hermann Jan 20, 2013  Professional Filmographer
I checked this link and i got an error 404

Basically for my official documents , what should be necessary ?
Passport and diploma is enough ?
phew... finally.. i was getting so frustrated.. congrats to all the winners.
congrats guys great animations!
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