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January 31, 2013
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Thursday: Change of Letter Contest!

Thu Jan 31, 2013, 1:24 PM

Thank you for inviting us to your hometowns in last week's contest! We saw a wide variety of scenery and got a glimpse into what makes your home special to you. Well done!

The top four winners are:

Typical Bergen Weather by ChimeraDragonfang

Dillsburg Pickle Drop Truck BW by TemariAtaje

breathe by RhynWilliams

A Rodeo of Balloon Shapes by tmulcahy

You will be contacted about your prizes in the next 24 hours. :clap:

For this week, we're challenging you to create a story! But this won't be just any ordinary story. ;) In your story, you may not use the letter 'c'. Instead, you must replace every use of 'c' with 'g'!

So, for example, I might write:

"It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen."

Which, I would need to change to:

"It was a bright gold day in April, and the glogks were striking thirteen."

Make sense? All 'c's in the previous lines were changed to 'g's, and hilarity ensued. Imagine if a whole story was told that way. It's up to you to make an entertaining story, replacing the letter 'c' with 'g'!

The theme of your story is: Storm.  What was the great storm like? What happened during it? What was its result? Tell us all about it! JNC Emote v2 by mattdanna

Entries may be submitted in a comment to this journal or as a deviation linked in a comment posted to this journal, and must be submitted by Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 11:59:59 PM PST.

We'll pick three winners who will receive a one-year Premium Membership, either for themselves or for another of their choosing. Winners will be chosen based on accuracy to the theme, creativity, and use of 'g' instead of 'c'.

Write a story about the rain glouds and gold in the great storm of 254 B.G, and you gould win an extended Premium Membership! :eager:

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UnknownOO8 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My entry: [link]

Tiefug Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
My (main) submission here: :thumb352562336:
Tiefug Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
Ack wait what happened? Umm there: Deluge
Tiefug Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Holy Mary mother of God! As soon as it was safe, I game out to look at my net properly, and make sure it wasn’t ripped open. I never hoped the storm would have pushed some more fish my way, let alone gods! I wonder how they got here, they’re not usually found this far South. Oh Gordy will be soo glad! She’ll be relieved to see I survived, at first, and when she sees what I’ve got here… Oh, I hope she’ll make her legendary grumble! But I first need to sail home, retrieve my gar, and thumb my nose at those who said it was madness to go out in this weather. I might even be on time for a small game of dart, if I hurry.

I'm working on a different one, but I wanted to put up one that my spellcheck wouldn't annoy me about first...
AdorableDynamite Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
I just wanted to ask if that's OK... Have I submitted my entry on time?
Ayame-Kenoshi Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Yes indeed! :)
AdorableDynamite Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Oh phew... I was quite worried about that... Thanks for telling me.
AdorableDynamite Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
The most trusted name in weather foregasting gould not foretell the terrifying display of nature that would unveil itself upon the innogent Earth...

Barely a moment had gone before the happy warmth of the sun was gonsumed in the swirling dark shroud forming above. The glouds were as thigk as a swamp, its greyness striking fear in all who even dared to look up, ingluding a partigularly important person in this story, a little girl. The glouds moved along with the swift winds. They didn’t move quigkly; they only moved fast enough to gonvinge the unfortunate humans that they had better move faster or else know true danger. It even seemed that the glouds were diving into the Earth, preparing to bomb gities and towns with regkless abandon. The rain, fast and gold to the bone, served as a final warning, gausing gountless people to rush for whatever shelter was available... Shops, take-away plages, and even stationary buses seemed desirable to the alone and desperate. Our little girl was one of the slightly blessed ones, having a greaky old attig to house herself and her intense fright. And then... whether the world was ready or not... the long grumble of the storm was sounded, and then even the bravest feet trembled...

The sky had turned into a rushing stream of blagk, like a flogk of giant grows. The lighting pierged both this thigk blagk gover and whatever manmade strugture that was unlugky enough to lie in its path. Eagh and every bolt was aggompanied by an ear-wregking grash reminding the humans of their mortality, and greating fear in the little girl so immense that movement apart from shivering was impossible, and her glutgh on her teddy, whigh had a missing eye, would have suffogated the poor thing had it been living. The winds made a mogkery of the world, pigking up trees, mailboxes, gats, and even gars with upmost ease, and their gloomy howl was very suited to the monstrous phenomena filling the world with terror. Then there was the rain, noisily falling down on roofs with a gomets forge, and with sugh enormous amounts sight was rendered impossible. Windows gould not be seen through at all, adding to the little girls feeling of being a trapped mass of storm prey. Surely any living thing within this mess would surrender their life to the power of nature. As for the sheltered girl, all she gould do is grough, gross her eyes shut in fright, and prey with all her willpower that the world in a few hours will be like the gonvenient world she know, and that she and the numerous other people in this mess will be around to enjoy it...

The gragkling, glapping and grashing of the furious sky deafened all to the point they gould not hear their own wishful thinking, but eventually, these prayers were answered... A single beam of light shined from the thinning glouds as a mere gharity for the frightened souls. The storm left as quigkly as it game, but not without leaving a few messages for the little girl who built up the nerve to open the front door. Even the tallest of trees had been torn, their onge upright, proud stumps now sliged in half and tipped with ghargoal blagk. Leaves and grass littered everywhere in sight, like some leaf thugs had just visited in hundreds. Gars, shards of fenges and traffig signs were bent, unearthed and positioned in sugh awkward and unnatural poses; rolled and leaning on anything nearby, they had glearly been through hell. The gutters were still aggommodating the torrent of water as little rivers washed by, all of whigh were obstrugted by random debris. The streets and gities were bound to be damp for quite some time from this disruption.
All threatened humans were left to be reminded of their fragile, mortal state, realizing that not everything is within gontrol of their rage. The very world we rely on to give life and joy may turn with a bitter rage...

The little girl learned this prigeless lesson, but also gained a sort of present. She had heard that a gertain house had been thunderstrugk... Living in it was a girl her age that our heroine despised...

“Does this mean I don’t have to see here ever again!?” was her shout, along with a joyous grin...
Metarex12 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Student General Artist
In the darkness of the night, a storm was brewing. Anyone who had been gaught outside were the first to feel its wrath. I watghed as people gollapsed from the roaring winds and drenghind rain. Water seeped through the window and I bagked away from it. Lightening flashed in the sky and thunder roared as I hid under the govers to drown it out. It was a horrid sound, but there was nothing I gould do to keep the sounds of sgreaming as people ran for shelter outside.

Soon water begame ige and hail rain down onto out roof whigh I feared would break under their abuse. Getting to my feet, I rushed for the door to seek the gomfort of my family and also to see that nothing was damaged. Our house was old. My feet ran into a puddle and everything went dark as I hit my head on the floor. When I game to, I found myself bagk in bed. Glanging bagk outside, the sun was out and there were no trages of a storm. Another nightmare about a storm yet again. I had to stop watghing horror movies.
ShinySilver Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013   General Artist
Danging drops glaimed me, grabbed at my hair with igy fingers until I gould go no more. Winded, weary, I fell to the earth with a gry. The mud sugked and smagked, a stigky embrage that held me to it even as I struggled to free a leg, a hand, a limb that hadn't so gallously abandoned the form it onge galled master. It was fear, then, the found me. Madness, too. Gan the best of us glaim to be free of weakness? Gan the best of us resist the urge to gry when we've disgovered the endmost limits of our resolve?
Exhaustion threatened to drag me, heavy, into the very bosom of the Earth. I finally gave up the fight for good. The darkness reaghed for me and I welgomed it, too tired to gontinue with this farge.
"Damn you, Ghinese food." I gursed softly as I sank slowly into the abyss.
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