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March 7, 2013
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Thursday: Simple as ABC!

Thu Mar 7, 2013, 1:21 PM

Well done in the Curation Contest last week! The pieces you chose were beautifully created and matched perfectly. I discovered so many great artists! :la:

Our top six winners are:
:bulletpurple: Fantasy
Mundo Estranho by 2MindsStudio Abducted Cow by DedHampster Cow Abduction T shirt by sicklilmonky
chosen by Miguel-Santos

:thumb159482677: Follow the wind by FotoN-3 The Price Of Spring by zippo514
chosen by Silvanne

:bulletpurple: Architecture
Staircase by 5isalive Abandoned by lostknightkg Abandoned Gothic Cathedral by inetgrafx
chosen by ReneeStone

The Ruins Of Whitby Abbey 3 by Estruda Presence by Pajunen it's a time to start to climb to the top by ateist-kleranty
chosen by Sabbelbina

:bulletpurple: Tyopgraphy
they're mostly water by teaganwhite Stickbet by Hellanim Happy Birthday_ Butterflies by JoannaBromley
chosen by JoannaMoory

Gameboy... Word by M-Watts-Art Mr. Bubbles Wallpaper by AZombieLovesMe :thumb342983318:
chosen by h-leao

Congratulations! You will be contacted about your prizes within the next 24 hours. :)

For this week, we're reviewing our alphabet and testing out our poetry skills! Your task is to write a poem in ABC style revolving around a particular theme!

An ABC poem is when the first word of line 1 begins with an A, the first word of line 2 begins with a B etc. For example:

A long time ago
Before the world began
Came the story of a 
Dapper comet clothed in 
Evening apparel and 
Fancy frocks, looking for a 
Good lookin' gal to be
His match made in heaven. 

See how it works? It's simple and fun! If you don't feel comfortable writing a poem, you could write a story in ABC style, with each sentence beginning with the next letter of the alphabet.

Every good contest needs a theme, and your ABC poems/stories should be about:

:spotlight-left: Space! :spotlight-right: 

Remember, your work could be more of a story. You don't have to use all of the letters of the alphabet, but you may! Just make sure that your entry contains a story or poem in which each line begins with the next letter of the alphabet.  

We'll choose three winners who will receive 1000 Points each! All entries must be submitted as comments to this blog and must be posted by Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 11:59 PM Los Angeles, CA, time. Winners will be judged based on creativity, inclusion of the theme, and accuracy to the ABC style.

Let's see those wordsmith skills shine! :dummy:

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1pen Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013  Professional Photographer
Apparently, I’m an expert. I’m an expert
because the woman says I am. And the neighbors Patty and Steve and, of course,the
Church and, you know,
Don’t forget the PTA and the HOA and the
elephant in the room
Fitzgerald the cat, sitting atop that old piano like some
grandiose fat marriage counselor in an orange pinstripe suit and a fat white moustache
heaving his breakfast over the
ivory keyboard as if he’s
just as disgusted by us as the
Kids are.
Leave mom alone because, of course, their
Mother has done absolutely
nothing wrong.
Of course not. Mommy is
Perfect. Mommy is the
Queen around here. Mommy is the state
Religion. And she has decreed a holiday at the papal estate in wine country. Because the Pope needs her
To hell with us.
Unlike me, the expert. The one who is working
very hard.
Working. Working in the office. Working on our marriage. Expert that I am. Expert with a capital
X But have it your way, dear. I
yield. I’m not ever going to be your
Zealot again.

My marriage is fine. ;) Besides, I'm a woman. Just had this character's voice in my head itching to take over the poem and suggest his idea and feelings toward "space."
EpicStormMage Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
As I hurried through the halls of the station, my dress swished around me as I fought off a huff of annoyance. Beth had called me at the worst time possible, I grumbled curses under my breath as I thought about all the things I could have been doing at the moment.

Could these people do anything right?

Dead silence was all that greeted me when I stumbled into the space station. Everything looked perfectly normal, minus the fact that there wasn’t a single living thing that had greeted me on the way in. Frowning in confusion, I tugged my uncomfortable heels off my feet and plopped into one of the comfy waiting chairs.

Golden waves of hair flashed in the corner of the room as I realized that Beth had finally arrived. Her eyes were wide in panic and her suit rumpled. I couldn’t help but think of how different she looked when compared to the calm, orderly person that I had seen earlier this morning.

“Justin hit the button, I don’t know what to do!” she wailed out running her hands through her hair. Knotted hair began to take the place of her once smooth locks. Luck was not on their side today, I realized as I jumped from my seat, sprinting over to the other room. Minutes were probably all we had until the rocket launched itself, and a couple tons of fuel and precious material from other planets into space. Now I remember why I refused to let that idiot Justin into the operating room.

Of course, Beth had once again not listened to me and had lazed off on her duties, instead letting Justin do all her work for her. Part of it was my fault, I realized as I stepped into the operating room, Beth at my heels. Quick as a ninja, I made my way to the front of the room, where I could see the giant rocket, and all of its cargo, waiting there. Rumbling was coming from the engine, as sure sign that Justin had indeed presses the button for takeoff. Suddenly, loud beeping was heard from the other side of the room as I realized that I had less time than I thought to turn off the incoming rocket launch. The materials in that ship were necessary for the completion of the F61, a genius robotics system that basically created artificial life.

Ultra loud sounds began to come from the rocket as I realized, that there was no way I would be able to stop the launch in time.
SpyderZT Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

  Already the planet, and all that she knew, was abruptly fading from her view. Before today she'd never even seen a spaceship, but now she and her brother were behind the bulwark, in the passenger hold of a star boat that could never return her home. Caldera had been crashed into by a comet, and the world was collapsing, doomed to end whether she stayed or not.

"Don't watch," the deckhand passing tried to deter her from where she sat, focusing intently on the monitor "it doesn't hurt any less." Everyone that entered had given her the same advice, attempting to ease her away from the monitor, but she couldn't pull her eyes away from the screen. Finally, the image was far out enough that she was only fooling herself when she tried to find where home had been.

"Go to bed," her brother tried to guide her, "it's been a long grueling day, and they say we've got a long way to go yet." Her younger brother, hardly having grown his first chin hairs, seemed to be handling this better than she was.

"I'm not tired," she irritatedly rebuked his intents, the lie not fooling anyone, "besides, it's funny you trying to tell me what to do?"

"Just let off it," he responded, "we've just become a people journeying without a home, journeying without a world even." Kneeling beside her, he continued in a more subdued tone, "knowing how bad you took it when our parents were killed, you can't pretend that this isn't getting to you."

"Look," she tried to keep from letting herself be overwhelmed by the emotions that her brother was right about, "I'm still your older sister, and like it or not, we've lost everything in one fell swoop. Mom and Dad died trying to keep our family together and you, she made no attempt at masking the edge in her voice, were doing your best to mangle it until this all started happening. Now you're nearly trying to man up, but there's nothing to fix anymore!"

"Okay, okay..." he tried to offer her his hand, "I get it, I obviously screwed up, but we're all we've got now. Please, fighting isn't going to bring our parents back, or our planet."

  Questions that would never be answered through quarreling died in her mind as she quieted her temper, she knew he was right. Rapidly regaining herself, she took a deep breath before responding.

"So now what?" she asked, more a rhetorical question than a serious one... but she didn't know what else to say.

"They say we'll eventually have to rest in the travel tubes, as the total trip will take years," he replied with a shrug. "Ultimately we don't get underfoot until then, and I guess we can do whatever."

"Vincent," she started, viciously doubting herself, "do you think we did the right thing?" a vacant tone to her voice.

"Well, it's too late to worry about that, besides, what else could we have done?" he replied. "Xylia, please... don't over think this, it's bad enough we're going to be traveling with xerotes xylems. You know as well as I do that not everyone could have made it off at this time of year, and yet, we need to be glad that they were able to save as many of us as they did."

"Zebras," she almost laughed through the zenith of her grief as almost with a zeal of their own, the emotions she'd held at bay began to rush over her, "why in Zen did I have to ask them to save the zebras..."

SpyderZT Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, and because I forgot to post this at the end of it...

Almost broke, crafting dubiously elegant fiction. Got harder in just keeping legitimate meaning. Not overly perfect. Quality really suffers through umbral vestigial wordsmithing. Xanax your Zealots.

And here's the post where it "Officially" lives. ;P [link]
Eolhin Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013   General Artist
*dies laughing* "Xanax your Zealots", love that! And not a wasted word, very talented. :)
SpyderZT Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
^.^ Many Thanks. I was dually inspired, but that little ditty didn't fit the theme so it was either append, or ignore, and I certainly couldn't do the latter. ;P
Eolhin Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013   General Artist
Congratulations for being on the winners list. :)
SpyderZT Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks Again! ^.^ (I'm glad they have 'word' contests... as I wouldn't stand a chance in an all out 'drawing' contest. ;P)
Eolhin Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013   General Artist
Yeah, I know what you mean. I do photography, and photo-manipulation, but very little drawing. And most of the contests involving manips, they want you to use their stock, while I prefer to only manipulate my own photographs. It avoids confusion when it comes to ownership of the image. Anyway, I would also find further text based challenges to be of interest.
SpyderZT Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Agreed! ;P
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